Pyeongchang All Set To Welcome Winter Olympics 2018

Pyeongchang is extremely happy and is all set to welcome Winter Olympics 2018. The famous South-Korean resort was also eager to host the event 4 years back in place of Vancouver as well the Sochi event 2 month ago but unfortunately lost out on a few votes.

“It was really difficult for me to return after the 2nd loss & convince people to take to another bid”, stated Kim Sun, the president of the organizing committee. “People were naturally disappointed & feeling let down. They’re actually feeling skeptical. It was like why would we need to bring Games here? However, as we lost out on just a few votes, IOC persuaded us for one more bid.”

Koreans are quite a persistent bunch & much to their pleasure Pyeongchang finally won the bid for 2018 Winter Olympics over Munich.

After a couple of decades in Europe & North America, the Olympics has decided to focus on the oriental angle for Winter Games. Before South Korea, Japan was the only Asian nation to host Olympics – the Nippon land  had the honor of being the Olympics host twice.

Pyeongchang’s theme this time is “New Horizons” and the recent qualification as the latest Winter Olympics host can be speculated to create huge upsurge across the country.

“Asia is tad underdeveloped in regards to winter sports while compared to the other continents”, remarked Kim.

“The evidence lies in medal list- Asian nations have just won 7 golds at Sochi. South Koreans came up with 3 golds & 8 medals overall- 6 fewer to what they achieved in 2010.

“We understand that it’s really significant to come up with a strong Forean team”, admitted Kim. That likely would not happen had the country not given the opportunity to host the Games. South Korea has already built 5 ice facilities & improved snow venue recently which would definitely spell boon for Korean Winter Olympic squad.