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Winter Olympics 2014 Preview: Bobsled Training | Sochi Olympics

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LaGrange College is a proud sponsor of NBC’s coverage of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.

Elana Meyers Video Rating: 5 / 5

Sochi to see this year’s first snow

With only over two months remaining till the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi in Russia, the season’s first snow is on its way for the region. On Friday, a storm system would slide through north Turkey and then into Georgia. A whizz of snow and rain is likely on northern outskirts. Attracting moisture from Black Sea, the fast moving storm would also move with cold air place to north allowing snowfall.

While Sochi itself must get some snowflakes along with chilly rain, Caucasus Mountains east of the city, a main place for Winter Olympics, could receive 4 – 8 inches of snow on Friday.

According to reports, meteorologists stated that the comparatively warm water of Black Sea would serve keep the precipitation rain for Sochi, but air rising in mountains would cool, letting for snow. The mountain snow is quite crucial to sliding sports like skiing in February. All these sports would take place only thirty minutes from Sochi.

The region has seen bouts of rain in the last few days and temperatures have dropped approximately twenty to ten degrees Celsius.

Sochi is located on Black Sea in Russia’s Krasnodar region and it has similar winter weather to Vancouver, the host city of Winter Olympic in 2010. Sochi does not get a lot of snow because of the mild air of Black Sea, but Caucasus Mountains to east get a good deal of snow in a typical winter.

Meteorologists say that Sochi in Russia is located on the sea and is one of the warmest regions in the country. The temperature in this city averages in mid 30s during the months of December to February.