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United States athletes asked not to sport team gear

The White House, earlier, has raised concern over the security preparations in Russia for the Winter Games that would take place next month. The United States Olympic Committee has asked all their athletes taking part in the forthcoming Sochi Games to avoid donning their team uniforms or USA Team logos outside Olympic venues. The warning for the US athletes have been prepared it with the all the advices of the US State Department, stated officials, affirming a report in Wall Street Journal.

Marie Harf, a spokesperson for the US State Department, stated that the United States Olympic Committee had probably talked with their athletes, as part of how to sort of stay safe and things to look out for as part of the Winter Olympic Games, this issue about just being careful about where you wear US logos or things like that.

She added that they are in very close contact with the US Olympic Committee on things related to security. Still, Russia is not a unique instance, the government offer similar advice for all such international events.

The White House has earlier indicated concern regarding Russia’s security preparednesses for next month’s Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The US officials have even privately complained about Russia‚Äôs refusal to share intelligence reports on terror threats.

US has repeatedly offered help to Russia to ensure proper security for the event. On Thursday, US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly had a detailed conversation regarding security issues. Meanwhile The Pentagon has already announced that they would deploy 2 warships to the Black Sea as a precaution.